A well-being mobile app that analyzes users’ health behaviors with artificial intelligence (AI) and displays their health status and recommendations through augmented reality (AR).


FluAI mobile app, analyze the throat photos and complaints of influenza patients with our artificial intelligence (AI) and give recommendations about pre-diagnoses, recovery times and condition.


Augmentify® is a revolutionary product that provides a breath of fresh air to pharmaceutical marketing using augmented reality (AR) technology, delivering impressive molecular and anatomical medical visualizations.


Augmented Reality


Mixed Reality


Virtual Reality


3D Printing


Artificial Intelligence


As Digital Core, established under “Yesil Science”, with the aim of developing a team that will discuss new ideas and projects from developing new technologies, applications in medicine, enlightenment, and innovation, we aim to keep the innovation culture alive.

About Us

Yesil Science founded with Dr. Yusuf Yesil’s dream of a new approach that will combine medicine, art and technology. The first steps of this dream started with the internship at Harvard Medical School, and as a result of his studies at Stanford Medicine, he began to found and work for Yesil Science in 2015. As Yesil Science, we aim to combine artifical intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR)  and 3D technologies. We develop solutions for artificial applications of artificial intelligence and digital visual technologies for scientific institutions and the industry, and to undertake the medical applications of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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Our "AR Voyage" App :


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

Yusuf Yesil, M.D.


With a desire to bring together the trio of technology, science and art, Dr.Yusuf Yesil, graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and established Yesil Science in 2015, following to his internships at Harvard Medical School and Stanford University Medicine.

Ceren Yüksel

Upper Board member

Ceren Yüksel is bachelor student of Acıbadem University Medical Engineering, has gained experience in various fields ranging from heart valve design to hospital architecture.

Hakan Hakyemez

Full Stack Developer

Giz Tungu

Management Trainee

Ertugrul Doğancıoğlu

AR Developer

Ömer Özgür

AI Developer

Bahrican Yeşil

Busıness Development

Aybar Ural

3D Developer

Mazlum Tanrıkulu

Full Stack Developer

Oğuzhan Tezel

BusIness Development

Sefa Mumay

BusIness Development

İrem Altınay


Canan Başer

BusIness Development

Feyza Doğan

AI Developer

Ömrüm Ergüven

Business Development

Ali Mirzaei

BusIness Development

Rana Aracı

Business Development

Nurettin Sinanoğlu

AI Developer

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