Biological Optimization: Convergent Evolution

If in the past the human population had been split into 2 separate isolated groups and they began to invent technology, could all 2 groups discover fire or invent the wheel?Probably isolated groups of people

AI, What It Can and Cannot Do

We hear people from every field talking about artificial intelligence lately. We see it in movies and series warning us of an upcoming robot war.  We see on the news people scared that automation will

Beauty and Unpredictability From Chaos

Can a butterfly flapping its wings change the fate of a city? Why is it difficult to predict the weather? Why living things behave unpredictably? Why is the stock market risky? Why is there so

Are we living in a black hole

We observe that time is going forward, either if we started to rewind the clock, to the time when galaxies did not form or the sun did not shine. If the universe is expanding, when

Understanding the Genetics of Cultural Evolution with “mem”

Mankind emerged about 300,000 years ago, in a very short period of time, from using stone tools to advancing technology space, so how did this happen? Why aren’t other animals trying to do gene engineering,

How can we create rings similar to Saturn in the world?

When we look at the solar system, we see ring-like structures on many planets. When Galileo studied Saturn, he could not understand exactly what happened.If you look at Saturn with a non-powerful telescope, the rings

What Darwin Never Knew

When we look around, we see many different species, why they are here in this way are tried to be explained by the theory of evolution Theories generally do not satisfy people and are not

How Did We Work In The Pandemic?

For the past few months, most of us havebeen disrupted because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Due to the quarantin, which is essentialduring the pandemic period, while many business areas are coming to astandstill, some business

Gamification and Agile Remote Project Management – Our Experience

As we all experience somewhere in our lives, it can be very boring and stifling to just assign a task and wait for that job to be completed. For this reason it is necessary to

Bio Entrepreneurship?

Are you ready to go on a journey that has been going on for at least 2400 years and will never end? "Nosce te ipsum!" / "Know Thyself". Although there are people who think you