CRISPR and AI : Turning Biology into Software, Hacking Darwin

Biology will be the next great computing platform, DNA will be the code that runs it, and CRISPR will be the programming language and AI will show the way in the darkness of complexity Every

AI in Healthcare | Complete Guide

Advantages and limitations of AI in healthcare. Replacement or enhancement for the doctors ? What is the future of health ?

The realities that we ignore about AR

What is Augmented Reality?  The dictionary meaning of augmented reality is interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Simply, augmented reality

How Plants Sense Gravity ?

Plants, like all living things, are dependent on their environment. For plants, especially light and gravity are important in terms of growth direction.

Folding Proteins With Machine Learning: AlphaFold

Proteins are the activated form of genetic information. There are approximately 20,000 different types of proteins in the human body. Proteins play many roles such as defense, transport, enzymes and communication. The shape determines the

Biological Optimization: Convergent Evolution

If in the past the human population had been split into 2 separate isolated groups and they began to invent technology, could all 2 groups discover fire or invent the wheel?Probably isolated groups of people

AI, What It Can and Cannot Do

We hear people from every field talking about artificial intelligence lately. We see it in movies and series warning us of an upcoming robot war.  We see on the news people scared that automation will

Beauty and Unpredictability From Chaos

Can a butterfly flapping its wings change the fate of a city? Why is it difficult to predict the weather? Why living things behave unpredictably? Why is the stock market risky? Why is there so

Are we living in a black hole

We observe that time is going forward, either if we started to rewind the clock, to the time when galaxies did not form or the sun did not shine. If the universe is expanding, when

Understanding the Genetics of Cultural Evolution with “mem”

Mankind emerged about 300,000 years ago, in a very short period of time, from using stone tools to advancing technology space, so how did this happen? Why aren’t other animals trying to do gene engineering,