Why do the stars shine and how do thermonuclear weapons work?

En az 2400 yıldır devam eden ve hiçbir zaman da bitmeyecek olan bir yolculuğa çıkmaya hazır mısınız? “Nosce te ipsum!” yani “Kendini bil/Kendini tanı!”, bu sözü ilk defa duyduğunuzu düşünenleriniz olsa da aslında ilk defa

Know Thyself!

Are you ready to go on a journey that has been going on for at least 2400 years and will never end? "Nosce te ipsum!" / "Know Thyself". Although there are people who think you

Project Management with Google Drive for Remote Teams | Online Scrum Board

As you know, with the COVID-19 outbreak, all the companies that have a project management in every way have looked for ways to work online. For this reason, many options of voice / video communication

Dangers of Exponential Growth: Viruses and Atomic Bombs

Whether bacteria or humans are given unlimited resources, all life types in the world begin to increase exponentially. Bacteria can multiply in minutes, but it can take decades for humans. There is an inverse proportion

How can we be a multidisciplinary person in 5 Basic Steps in the 21st Century?

Ducks go both on the land, swim in the creek and fly in the sky. But they can neither run like a cheetah, swim like a fish, nor fly like an eagle. Even if you

The Widespread Use of Artificial Intelligence

The past couple of years have been very exciting for the development of artificial intelligence. Supercomputers of this kind are now able to learn on their own and perform much more advanced tasks than before.

17 Mobile Health Applications | Overview

For health professionals : Triton Canister & Triton Sponge (Gauss Surgical, Inc.) Triton Canister and Triton Sponge are part of Gauss Surgical’s suite of apps for the operating room that use an image processing algorithm

What is artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ? Artificial intelligence is a technology that deals with complex problems of machines, such as people, to produce solutions and to mimic the way people think. It is usually performed

What is augmented reality (AR)?

What is Augmented Reality (AR) ? Augmented reality is the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not create the whole artificial environments

Augmented Reality and Medicine

Why is Augmented Reality (AR) in Healthcare? Both AR and VR have an aptitude for changing healthcare for the better in the future, they just have different functions in it. In the case of AR,