Future of Medicine: Health Monitoring with Mobile Phone Based Biomedical Sensors

1. What is biomedical sensor Sensors are devices that detect specific physical, chemical or biological properties and convert them into signals for quantification [1]. Biomedical sensors gather information on body from various sources and convert

How can we be a multidisciplinary person in 5 Basic Steps in the 21st Century?

Ducks go both on the land, swim in the creek and fly in the sky. But they can neither run like a cheetah, swim like a fish, nor fly like an eagle. Even if you

17 Mobile Health Applications | Overview

For health professionals : Triton Canister & Triton Sponge (Gauss Surgical, Inc.) Triton Canister and Triton Sponge are part of Gauss Surgical’s suite of apps for the operating room that use an image processing algorithm