We have a flexible and a collaborative process.

The following stages serve as a guide in understanding each production phase.



We explore and define your objectives, timeline, budget and resources. Our team reviews all references & source materials and makes further scientific research to achieve a solid and accurate visual story. With brief in hand, approval of the script and receipt of all references & materials, we design and create a fully-rendered storyboard.

— Needs Assessment
— Review all source materials
— Interview Experts
— Develop Script / Script Outline
— Fully Rendered Storyboard



We start animating the approved storyboard scenes and provide the production of the rough cut animation. Our team of creative 3D animators, illustrators and developers work closely with you, in bringing your science and messaging into a thoughtful and well-crafted animation video.

— Animation of storyboard scenes
— Temporary voiceover
— Rough cut of full animation



The final animation combines editing, compositing & visual effects, professional voiceover, music & sound effects, titles & captions. We produce the final video in any format of your choice (i.e. website, iPad, Windows Media Format, QuickTime, Blu-Ray & DVD format, and others).

— Compositing & Visual Effects 
— Professional voiceover 
— Music and Sound Effects 
— Titles & Captions 
— Graphics 
— Deliverables


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