As of now, a community open to +500 people who want to be with us in our dream of bringing together medicine, technology and art, and to be in active communication with Yesil Science in our ecosystem. We want to have a more active communication with the Yesil Society community and share our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and technology with you.

– Live broadcasts we will make weekly
– More active and regular communication with Yesil Science team
– A large community where you can get an idea about your idea or project
– Opportunity to provide opinions  about Yesil Science Science products.
– The opportunity to test Yesil Science products first and to follow the latest developments

Oyunlaştırma giderek daha da önem kazanan bir konsept, peki proje ve ekip yönetimine nasıl adapte edebiliriz? Ekip…

Gamification is an increasingly important concept, so how can we adapt it to project and team management? You can v…

Ta daa! 🎉 Meet the new feature on our blog! ✍🏻 You can now give feedback with emojis to blog posts. 🤓

RT @yesilsociety: @NevitDilmenTR hocamızla geçtiğimiz cumartesi günü yaptığımız "Çizgi değil Çizge" sohbetimizi Spotify Podcast'ımız üzeri…